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BalanceLabs is a Miami-based consulting firm that ignites momentum for start-up and development-stage companies. Our incubator, accelerator and business development services connect visionary entrepreneurs with the resources it takes to achieve growth.


Our in-house experts, backed by a global network of industry-leading consultants, bring more than 120 years of cumulative experience in mapping out and delivering venture growth. As a dynamic, results-oriented partner in your business evolution, we work collaboratively to nurture and magnify your impact—wherever your venture may be in its journey to success.

Michael D. Farkas

Chairman of the Board, CEO

Michael D.Farkas

Aviv Hillo

Number 2

Aviv Hillo

Carmen Villegas

Member of the Board of Directors


We turn bold visions into practical success stories.

Derek Rawden-Lewis

Derek Rawden-Lewis

Vice President

Business Development

Robert M. Wolf

Chief Financial Officer

Robert M. Wolf

Gabi de la Guardia

Website Designer

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