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BalanceLab’s wealth of in-house experience combined with our extensive network of leading service providers enables us to provide you with all the resources, support and services you need—wherever you are on your journey to create a viable enterprise. BalanceLabs will assess your concept and develop customized services to address  your venture’s unique needs. Best of all, our services evolve as your business grows, ensuring that we deliver the right solutions at the right time and in the right way so they will have a direct, positive and lasting impact.


Business model


Business planning

and management

Employee and board

member recruitment

Financial modeling

Introduction to professional services

Assistance in identifying sources of capital

Patent and trademarks

Website & mobile app development

Product production & Service development

Product & service placement

Many of the services are offered by third party service providers that specialize in their respective fields while BalanceLabs manages all of the different providers for an entire package of services. In the future we plan to offer executive office sharing and additional ancillary services.

We deliver a wide range of services and facilitate connections with leading service providers, empowering entrepreneurs to achieve their long-term business goals.

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